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Oil and Gas Mineral Leasing Opportunities

Though Black Stone Minerals currently leases acreage throughout the United States to more than 1,000 operators, the large majority of our mineral assets are still untapped.

Active Leasing

Black Stone Minerals is one of the largest fee mineral owners in the country with interests in over 16 million acres. A significant portion of our minerals are available to third-parties who wish to expand their leased acreage position.

Our minerals-management philosophy employs the use of fair lease terms and flexibility in negotiating terms with each potential partner. By working with exploration and production companies as partners instead of solely as customers, Black Stone Minerals increases its leasing activity and puts more minerals "in play."

Our staff is dedicated to providing a timely response to any and all inquiries. We work with companies to create mutually-beneficial relationships providing information to help potential lessees in their specific areas of interest.

Depending on the nature of the request, Black Stone Minerals will:
  • Provide existing seismic and other data;
  • Negotiate options, leases and permits for new 3-D seismic shoots;
  • Consider standard, creative and innovative trade proposals; and
  • Create an environment that encourages exploration.
Finally, we also maintain an in-house technical team that reviews seismic data and generates prospects that are then presented to the industry for development.